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Prestolite-3110-bus Alternator


Prestolite-3110-Bus Alternator


Typical Application

Fit for dependence and independence bus air-conditioner, a.c. Current ≤120a

Ratings and characteristics


System voltage: 24v

Polarity: Negative ground or insulated return optional.

Max output current (hot): 150a

Voltage regulation: 27.5 ± 0.3v


Operating temperature range: -40℃ to 85℃

Mechanical behavior

Rotation: Clockwise, viewing from drive end

Maximum speed: 8000r/min

Weight: 12kg

Product Features

Method of voltage sensing: Vehical voltage or battery voltage.

 ◕  Maintenance: Long life brushes & sealed, long life heavy duty bearings.

 ◕  Regulator: Special regulator for alternator batteryless designed by prestolite.

 ◕  Internal capacitors to suppress radio frequency interference.

 ◕  When used in a twin alternator application to supply electricity to aircondition system indepentantly, a protecion capacitance assembly must be installed.


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