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2014 China (Shanghai) International Bus and Parts Exhibition

2014 China (Shanghai) International Bus and Parts Exhibition


2014 China (Shanghai) International Bus and Parts Exhibition and China (Shanghai) Smart Transportation Technology Exhibition" Invitation letter for exhibition Bus and its parts, smart transportation products, bus maintenance equipment and parts and tourist facilities manufacturers:


In 2013, my country's urban transportation and tourism industry developed rapidly. Urban buses, tourist buses, electric vehicles, professional vehicles, school buses, etc. were the fastest-growing products in China's automobile industry in 2013 and the biggest bright spot in the current commercial vehicle market. In 2014, the passenger car market, especially new energy buses, energy-saving buses, and clean energy buses, will maintain a momentum of rapid development. Public transportation information will also be further developed.


Smart transportation is an important part of smart city construction. In recent years, the Chinese government has proposed to provide intelligent transportation (ITS) as an important direction and priority field for the development of my country's future transportation field to provide key support. With the rapid development of new technologies such as information, Internet of Things and Beidou navigation, it will greatly promote the development of intelligent transportation technology. At the same time, intelligent transportation has opened up personalized mobile services, and will also provide a broad market space and new business opportunities for the development of new-generation technologies such as big data, cloud computing, new-generation broadband technology, and ubiquitous networks.


The 2014 China (Shanghai) International Bus and Parts Exhibition and China (Shanghai) Smart Transportation Technology Exhibition are scheduled to be held in Shanghai from June 11 to 13, 2014. The exhibition will feature national city buses, tourist buses, and special The application of innovative technologies for vehicles and smart transportation is the market positioning, and with the support of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments, it will gather the national bus and component companies and their users as well as influential smart transportation technology R&D and production companies to communicate and negotiate , Is the 2014 grand event of China's public transportation, tourism, bus and smart transportation related industries.


The content of the exhibition will involve buses (including energy-saving and new energy vehicles, clean energy vehicles, school buses, RVs, special vehicles), taxis, auto parts, smart transportation product companies and tourism facilities products, information equipment, information technology and information platforms In the fields of construction, Beidou navigation applications, auto repair parts, specially invited users from national public transportation companies, tourism companies, and transportation, education and other industries will visit and negotiate on the spot, providing bus, tourist bus and parts companies, smart transportation products and Exhibitors of tourism facilities provide new business opportunities and are willing to conduct technical exchanges and business negotiations with bus companies, tourism companies, etc. The exhibition secretariat will contact bus companies and tourism companies to provide conditions (notice separately), and also provide bus companies, Tourism companies choose new energy vehicles, energy-saving vehicles, hybrid vehicles, CNG, LNG, and fuel vehicles to create conditions, and rely on the exhibition to build important technology platforms for bus passenger transportation, tourist passenger transportation, passenger car industry chain technology, smart transportation technology, and user markets. And market platforms.


1. Date

   Date of installation: June 9-10, 2014

   Exhibition date: June 11-13, 2014


2. Location

   China • Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center

   850 Bocheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


3. Exhibition theme

   Green development, innovative transportation, smart perception, benefiting the people


4. Organization:

◆ Organizer

   China Civil Engineering Society Urban Public Transport Society

   China Road Transport Association

   China Electronics Chamber of Commerce

   China Travel Car and Ship Association

◆ Cooperative unit:

   China Smart City Industry Alliance

   China Automotive Information Industry Alliance

   China Public Transport Information Industry Alliance

   China Beidou Vehicle Application Industry Alliance

◆ Co-organizer

   Beijing Public Transport Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd.

   Shanghai Bus Public Transport (Group) Co., Ltd.

   Shanghai Pudong New Area Public Transport Co., Ltd.

   Tianjin Public Transport Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

   Changchun Public Transport (Group) Co., Ltd.

   Dalian Bus Passenger Transport Group Co., Ltd.

   Urumqi Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.

   Zhengzhou Public Transport Corporation

   Xi'an Public Transport Corporation

   Hangzhou Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.

   Shenzhen Bus Group Co., Ltd.

   Kunming Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.

   Qingdao Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.

   Liuzhou Hengda Bus Co., Ltd.

   Ningbo Public Transport Corporation

   Changzhou Public Transportation Group Corporation

   Yangzhou Public Transport Group Corporation

   Jiaxing Public Transport Association

   Jiaxing Public Transport Company

   Beijing Shouqi Co., Ltd.

   China Travel Tourism Company

   Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd.

   Taiwan Telematics Industry Association

◆ Undertaker

   Shanghai Shangju Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

   Shanghai Hengxi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

   Shanghai Kebiao Electronics Co., Ltd.


5. The official website and media of the exhibition

   Official website:

   "Urban Public Transport" magazine

   China Public Transport Information Network ( has set up an exhibition column on China Public Transport Information Network to release exhibition information.


6. Exhibition content:

1. Buses, school buses, RVs, taxis

  • Urban bus: extra large, large, medium, light bus, BRT bus, bus chassis

  • Tourist coaches: super large, large and medium-sized coaches, scenic coaches, city tour buses, station wagons, and chassis for tourist coaches

  •  Energy-saving and new energy buses: petrol-electric hybrid buses, gas-electric hybrid buses, plug-in hybrid buses, pure electric buses, extended-range electric buses, fuel cell buses, natural gas buses, environmentally friendly and energy-saving buses

      • School bus

      • RV

   • Taxi (new energy, gas, fuel)

   • Small electric vehicles (small electric buses), electric cleaning vehicles


2. Vehicle parts

   • Vehicle electronic information equipment, Beidou application and navigation products, monitoring, safety, etc., fuel and gas passenger car parts: engine, transmission, brake, axle, retarder, air suspension, tires and other power systems, transmission systems , Control system, braking system, suspension system, driving system products; air conditioning and heating and ventilation devices; chassis automatic lubrication device; bus intelligent information products: CAN bus, various electronic products; car doors, rapid transit platform systems, safety glass , Seat passenger car accessories and decorative parts, gas passenger car gas storage tanks and gas station equipment; National IV and National V emission passenger car supporting products and urea station; other related parts, etc.

 • New energy bus parts: power battery, battery management system, APU system and engine, motor, electric control, monitoring and protection equipment and charging and swapping station equipment


3. City bus special vehicle

 • Bus operation command vehicle, wrecker vehicle, cash transport vehicle, cleaning vehicle


4. Bus maintenance equipment and maintenance and testing equipment


5. Urban transportation facilities: traffic monitoring system, car navigation system and communication equipment, parking, car washing equipment and auxiliary equipment, urban transportation construction related products and equipment, urban rail transit system


6. Battery coach, cable car, golf cart, etc.


7. Tourist facility


8. Smart transportation technology equipment: traffic information collection technology: including traffic flow information collection, parking lot information collection, number plate recognition system, smart electronic license plate, and traffic environment monitoring. Traffic information platform: geographic information platform, traffic information collection and emergency processing platform, data management and analysis mining: intelligent traffic data exchange, data transmission, data storage, data analysis and mining, sharing and application. Intelligent highway and vehicle safety: body control system, body collision avoidance system, vehicle anti-theft and anti-robbing system, detection and processing of outside information, central monitoring, driver safety assistance.


7. Exhibition scale: 20,000 square meters


8. Exhibition activities

   The exhibition activities integrate industry, technology, and marketability. Invite relevant national ministries and commissions, leaders of Shanghai, relevant department leaders of relevant provinces and cities, leaders of relevant industry associations, well-known experts, and news media; invite first- and second- and third-tier city bus companies, tourist passenger transport enterprise user groups, and relevant domestic and foreign users to visit, Exchange and negotiate business. From June 11 to 13, 2013, the exhibition organizing committee held the following activities:

1. 2014 Annual Meeting and Summit Forum of Technical Committee of Urban Public Transport Society of China Civil Engineering Society

2. 2014 Symposium between China Tourism Company and Bus Factory

3. New energy bus (including program extension) application development summit forum

4. China Intelligent Transportation Summit Forum and Smart School Bus Seminar

5. The Cross-Strait Public Transportation Information Development Summit Forum and the Annual Meeting of the Intelligent Transportation Professional Committee of the Society

6. Seminar on Hybrid Electric Bus Application Development

7. Automatic control mechanical gearbox ATM technology development forum

8. Bus new technology development and application seminar and new product release and recommendation

9. Bus Lightweight Technology Application Seminar and New Product Release and Recommendation

10. 2014 China (Shanghai) International Bus and Parts Exhibition and Smart Transportation Technology Exhibition Reception Banquet and Award Ceremony

For the above-mentioned activities held during the exhibition, the organizing committee will successively print the development meeting activity plan to the participating companies from February 2014, and further notice.


9. exhibition fee standards

1. Domestic-indoor bare space: 1380 yuan / square meter, indoor bare space area is 36 square meters for rent.

   Indoor 3×3m standard booth: 13,800 yuan/piece.

2. Indoor raw space for foreign businessmen and domestic wholly-owned enterprises: US$380/square, indoor 3×3m standard booth: US$3,800/piece (also can be paid in RMB).


10. Exhibition registration

1. Exhibitors of buses, electric vehicles and spare parts and special buses, bus maintenance equipment, repair parts and smart transportation and tourism technology, according to the products and enterprises of the Shanghai Exhibition Group and Beijing Exhibition Group, fill in the exhibition registration form, including participation The model and quantity of buses (including school buses and RVs), electric vehicles, bus parts, special buses, warranty equipment and repair parts, as well as smart transportation and tourism technology, the hall and use area of the booth or the number of standard booths, Calculate the amount of booth fee, fax the registration form (please see Attachment 1 for the registration form) to the Shanghai Exhibition Recruitment Group or Beijing Exhibition Recruitment Group respectively, and request exhibitors to send the electronic version to the Shanghai Exhibition Recruitment Group mailbox:, edit Print the proceedings.

2. After the exhibition invitation team receives the exhibitor's registration, the two parties confirm the location and area of the booth and the booth fee, and the exhibition invitation team and the exhibitor sign an exhibition contract (each party holds one copy), and the contract is legally effective.

3. Deadline for registration: May 31, 2014.

4. After signing the contract, the exhibitor shall pay a deposit of 50% of the venue fee in advance. Please remit to the account of the organizer of the exhibition. The registration is deemed to be valid and the exhibitor manual is sent. Otherwise, the organizing committee has the right to adjust the booth or not reserve the booth.

5. Exhibitors shall remit the full payment of the booth fee to the account of the organizer 30 days before the opening of the exhibition, and the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee shall issue the exhibitor's vehicle or spare parts exhibit exhibition certificates and send the relevant certificates of the exhibition. Exhibitors shall report to the booth according to the set-up time and enter the venue with the exhibitor badge.

6. "Exhibitor Manual" is to provide various service materials for registered exhibitors, including booth diagrams, exhibition-related activities arrangements and requirements, exhibitors’ entry and registration, exhibitors’ on-site staff list registration and staff certificate issuance, various Rental of exhibition props and related items, rental of various electrical appliances, tourism and hotel accommodation, venue and on-site advertising, and issuance and acquisition of visit tickets.

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